Medvednica trail 2024 – Race regulations


Race date: Sunday, May 26, 2024
OrganizerDŠR Aktivan život, Zagreb
Location: Nature park Medvednica
Start/finishHunjka meadow (Google Maps navigation / get to know the location through Google Street 360° view / GPS coordinates: 45°54’52.1″N 15°58’28.2″E)



The race is held in the Medvednica Nature Park on the Medvednica mountain, which is located near Zagreb.

The start/finish location of the race is located along the county road (Ž 1048) that passes through the Medvednica Nature Park and crosses from the Zagorje side of Medvednica to the city of Zagreb (and vice versa). Therefore, arriving at the race is possible by car or by public transport on ZET bus line 140 , which will slightly change the schedule due to the race in order to accommodate the arrival of the competitors to the race.


The distribution of starter packages will take place on Saturday, May 25, 2024, from 2-6 p.m. at Prisavlje 8, Zagreb. Competitors who are not from Zagreb can collect their starter package on the day of the race at the INFO tent in the start/finish area of ​​the race.

IMPORTANT! When picking up the starter package, you must bring and show the mandatory equipment! If you are picking up the starter package for someone, then you must show us that person’s identity document (or a photo on your mobile phone) and the mandatory equipment of the person for whom you are picking up the starter package.


Sunday, May 26, 2024

Time Description
07:00-09:00Gathering of competitors and distribution of starter packages for competitors who are not from Zagreb
08:00Start of the course Kameni svati 60K
08:45Start of the course Ponikve 45K
09:00Start of the courses: Gorščica 15K and Plazur 30K
09:05Start of the course: Mali patuljak - 1st and 2nd elementary school class
09:25Start of the course: Mali patuljak - 3rd and 4th elementary school class
09:45Start of the course: Mali patuljak - 5th and 6th elementary school class
10:05Start of the course: Mali patuljak - 7th and 8th elementary school class
10:30WINNER CEREMONY: Mali patuljak - All courses
11:15Start of the course: Hunjka 5K
11:35WINNER CEREMONY: Gorščica 15K
13:00WINNER CEREMONY: Plazur 30K
14:00WINNER CEREMONY: Garmin Run!-up challenge
15:00WINNER CEREMONY: Ponikve 45K
19:00WINNER CEREMONY: Kameni Svati 60K
21:00Time limit for the completion of the 60K race and the end of the event


start number with chip (placed on the chest/front of the body, must be clearly visible)MMMMM
mobile phone (included with charged battery and organizer number saved)MMMMM
a glass for pouring refreshmentsMMMMO
bottle/bladder with liquid (minimum 0.5 l) (bottle, water bottle, flask, hydro pack,...)MMMMO
first aid kitMMMMR
astro foilMMMRR

M – mandatory; R – recommended; O – optional equipment




There are refreshment stations on all courses, and you can find the exact number and schedule on the page of each course. Refreshment stations serve liquid, and some also serve fruit, salty and sweet snacks.

There will be no glasses at the refreshment stations, but the refreshments will be poured exclusively into bottles or glasses that the competitors are required to carry with them. Competitors must ensure that they have enough fluids and food throughout the race.


All starter packages consist of:

  • start number with a chip
  • unique finisher’s medal
  • meal after the race
  • Joma Elite Pro Socks
  • 10% discount on all services at Fizioteka
  • invigorates on the track and at the finish line of the race
  • electronic timing and processing of results
  • duty of the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
  • medical help at the finish line
  • organization of the race


After crossing the finish line, you will be greeted by specially designed medals that symbolize your effort, endurance, and achievement. This year’s medal design will provide you not only with a physical keepsake but also emotional value that will remind you of your unforgettable experience of running through the beautiful nature.


Team Race 2024 is conceptually completely different from previous editions.

  • The team race is no longer an individual competition, but essentially the scoring of the performance of all team members who each individually run their own course.
  • Each team member chooses the course they want to run (5K, 15K, 30K, 45K or 60K). Therefore, it is not necessary that all team members run the same course. They can if they want to, but they don’t have to.
  • The sum of the points of up to the 4 best members of the team gives the total score of the team, which is included in the team ratings.
  • Number of team members: minimum 4, maximum 8.
  • The points of 4 or less team members who won the most points are taken in the calculation of team ranking.
  • There is no additional charge for the team race – only the individual registration fee of each team member is paid for the performance in the individual competition.

To participate in the team race:

  • Gather a team of 4-8 people.
  • Teams can be same-sex or mixed, but there is only one winning team.
  • Each team member registers independently, pays his registration fee and receives his start number (and you can also ask your company to pay for you the start fee) 🙂
  • Appoint the team captain, who sends us via email ( the name of the team, the first and last names and the starting numbers of the people who are members of his/her team.
  • IMPORTANT: In the week after the race we convert your results into points and take the maximum of 4 team members with the most points, add them up and thus get your team score which will then be included in the team standings.
  • The team with the most accumulated points is the winner of the team race.

IMPORTANT – Registrations and changes for the team race are possible until Wednesday, May 22, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. at the latest.

Team race scoring system: The winner of the race/course wins 100 points, and the number of points scored by the other competitors is determined according to the formula: winner’s points – (competitor’s time behind the winner / winner’s time) * 100. E.g. the winner’s time is 1 h 10 min 15 sec; Your time is 1 h 15 min 20 sec; Your lag behind the winner is 5 min and 5 sec or 7.24%; The winner (always) wins 100 points, and you win (100-7.24) 92.76 points.


At the winner announcement ceremony of all individual courses winners will be awarded:

  • medals and Joma merchandise awards for the TOP 3 overall men and women
  • TOP 3 medals in age categories

At the children’s trail race, there will be announcements in the following categories:

  • 1st and 2nd Elementary School class (2016, 2015) – TOP 3 boys and girls
  • 3rd and 4th elementary school class (2014, 2013) – TOP 3 boys and girls
  • 5th and 6th Elementary School class (2012, 2011) – TOP 3 boys and girls
  • 7th and 8th elementary school class (2010, 2009) – TOP 3 boys and girls


Competitors of the children’s trail race are entitled to a starter package that includes the following:

  • start number
  • refreshment on the track and at the finish line of the race
  • time measurement and processing of results
  • medical help at the finish line
  • organization of the race


To participate in the race, you need to:

Filling out the registration form does not guarantee a place in the race – the place is secured by paying the registration fee within the designated period .

After you make the payment it will be registered in the system in the shortest possible time (1-5 working days) after which you will receive an invoice to your email address and be included in the starting list.


CourseApplications and payments
25.3. - 21.4.2024.
Applications and payments
22.4. - 24.5.2024.
Last minute *
25. and 26.5.2024.
Mali patuljak - children's trail race **freefreefree
Hunjka 5K24 EUR29 EUR35 EUR
Gorščica 15K24 EUR29 EUR35 EUR
Plazur 30K36 EUR41 EUR50 EUR
Ponikve 45K44 EUR49 EUR60 EUR
Kameni svati 60K55 EUR59 EUR70 EUR

* Last minute registrations and payments will be possible at the distribution of starter packages only if there are still available places.

** The number of participants in the Mali patuljak Children’s Trail Race is limited to 100 children.


For groups of 10 or more participants in adult races we grant a discount of 15% with the condition of a single (one) payment for all members of the group. We also provide the option of group registration (by filling out an excel document). For a group discount contact us at .


The request to change the owner of the starting number should be sent by the current owner of the starting number to the email address no later than May 24, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. In the message state the name and email address of the person to whom you are giving your starting number. In this case, we will not refund the registration fee but leave it to you to resolve between yourselves.

Changing the owner of the starting number is possible on the day of distribution of starting numbers, on the day of the race and after the race, but with the payment of a fee in the amount of 5 EUR.


If the competitor decides not to take part in the race for any personal reason, the refund of the registration fee is possible only if the competitor, along with paying the registration fee, also pays the compensation for “Insurance against cancellation of participation in the race (by the competitor)” in the amount of 7 EUR . In this case, the amount of the registration fee will be refunded, without the included fee amount. The refund request can be submitted no later than June 7, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. to


If, due to force majeure, it is impossible or forbidden to hold the race, the organizer will enable the competitors to:

  • transferring the paid registration fee to the next edition of the race


  • refund of the registration fee paid minus 1 EUR (bank charges) *

Refunds can only be made to the person who paid the registration fee, regardless of who the person paid the registration fee for. We will return the funds by June 30, 2024 at the latest.

* We offer 100% refunds for online payments (PayPal or card payment).


Data and the information for registration fee payment shall be sent to your e-mail address after you successfully fill in the registration form. Check you inbox or spam/junk folder, as well as Promotions folder for the instruction e-mail.

One of the most important information is the number of your registration which is also your reference number so please write it down/remember it and use it when paying the registration fee.

NOTE: users of mobile banking can scan 2D barcode and automatically enter all the data required for registration fee payment.

IMPORTANT: registration fee can ONLY be paid in EUR

Competitors coming from countries outside the EU pay exclusively by credit card via PayPal!


Timing and data are processed electronically via chips installed in BIB number of each participant. Please do not fold your BIB number in order not to damage the chip on its back side.

IMPORTANT! The race will have a ‘gun start’, meaning that all runners start the race at the same moment, regardless how far the runner is from the start line. The final results will present data on runner’s chip time, but the placement is based on the gun start.

The results of the race will be published on the website .

The start number has a QR code on it that you scan with your mobile phone after the end of the race and immediately find out your result and the current standings in the race. No waiting, no searching for the results page, and searching for your result – a QR code immediately throws you to your result.


The position of timing and check stations is stated on the page of each individual course and these are the locations on which time is officially registered.

Besides timing stations there are check stations located on each course. The exact position of check station shall not be announced in advance.

Runners must pass through all timing and check stations. If they do not reach the timing station within the defined deadline, organizer shall exclude them from the race once they reach the station.


There is a time limit defined for each course, time limits are available within the description of each course. In order to be enlisted in the official results, runners must finish the race within the defined time limit.

Except maximum time limit, there are time limits associated to some refreshment stations. The participant is required to reach refreshment station before the expiration of station’s time limit since the station closes at a specific time.

All race participants who are excluded from the race must return their BIB number to the organizer. If they wish to go over the course up to the finish line, they can do so but can only at their own responsibility and in complete autonomy. Organizer is relieved of any responsibility. Other participants shall be transferred to the finish line.

AGE CATEGORIES (men and women)

  • Male/Female: 18 – 35 years
  • Male/Female 35: 36 – 49 years
  • Male/Female 50: 50 years and older


Courses go over forest and mountain trails, macadam paths. Courses will be marked by flags, signal tape and waymarks. Do not get off the course on locations where there are no turns or the route does not split in different directions.

Participants must run on specifically defined course that will be publicly available and possible to download and follow via personal GPS devices.

Participants who do not follow the defined course, do not go through timing or check station, will be disqualified.


Competitors in the race perform under the principle of semi-autonomy.

Semi-autonomy is defined as the competitor’s ability to be autonomous (independent; self-sufficient) between two refreshment stations, not only in terms of food but also clothing and safety, and to be able to adapt to problems that may be encountered during the race (bad weather, physical problems, injuries…).

The principle of semi-autonomy implies the following rules:

  • Each competitor must have their mandatory equipment with them at all times during the race.
  • When collecting the starter package, the competitor is obliged to show the organizer the mandatory equipment without which he will not be able to collect the starter package .
  • At any time during the race or in the starting zone immediately before the start of the race, the organizer can check whether the competitor has the mandatory equipment and exclude him/her from the race if he/she does not have it.
  • Refreshment stations are stocked with food and drinks for on-site consumption. Only plain water is available to fill a personal bottle with refreshments, and other drinks can be poured into glasses that competitors are required to carry with them. Each competitor must provide the amount of water and food necessary to go to the next refreshment station.
  • Personal assistance is allowed only at refreshment stations, in a zone specially reserved for this purpose. The rest of the refreshment station is strictly reserved for competitors and the organizer.
  • Personal assistance is prohibited during all or any part of the race except within the zones at the refreshment stations.


Participants who decide to abandon the race must URGENTLY inform the organizer of his/her decision in one of the following ways:

  • calling the organizer (number will be printed on the BIB number)
  • personally on the closest refreshment station

In case the runner is in the need of medical assistance, the organizer shall alert on-call rescue team whose response speed depends on the runner’s location, as well as how the demanding the access to the area is.


Disqualification is an automatic exclusion of the race participant, including the race ranking.

Participant will be disqualified in the following cases:

  • refusal to have obligatory equipment check just before the start or during the race
  • discarding the rubbish on the course
  • endangering flora and fauna
  • using any kind of means of transportation
  • switching BIB number with another participant
  • short-cutting the route, that is, running outside the marked race route
  • not assisting a person in difficulty
  • unsportsmanlike conduct towards other race participant and/or organizer
  • disrespecting decisions made by the organizer, a doctor or members of Croatian Mountain Rescue Service
  • inappropriate content of photos/videos published during or after the race posing an insult to other race participants or the race organizer


Complaints must be submitted in a written form to the race organizer after the race has finished, one hour before the official announcement of the winner. Race organizer shall take into consideration all possible complaints and make the final decision.


Organizer has the right to make modifications to the course and refreshment stations at any time and without prior announcement. All possible modifications shall be published on the official web-page of the race.

In case of unfavorable weather conditions, the start of the race can be postponed. If the organizer estimates that weather or other conditions can endanger the safety or life of race participants, organizer has the right to cancel the event without refunding the registration fee.


The race is held in Nature park Medvednica. Therefore, all participants must follow the general environment protection rules, as well as abide the rules of behavior in the nature-protected area. Race participants are forbidden to throw away the garbage, destroy flora and fauna, and dispose rubbish on the race course anywhere between start and finish line, except at the refreshment stations.


When filling out the application form, each competitor is obliged to accept the conditions of these “Competition Rules”, which he confirms by marking in the application form. Without accepting these conditions of the “Competition Rules”, it will not be possible to fill out the application form and, as a result, to participate in the race.

Participation in adult races is allowed only to adults (18 years of age or older on the day of the race).

The exception to the previous item are minor high school students who can participate in the Hunjka 5K race with the previously signed consent of their parents .

Children who attend elementary school can only participate in the Mali Patuljak children’s trail race, for which the parent/guardian will sign the consent for the child’s participation in the race when picking up the start packages .


All participants agree that all video and photo content of the event taken by the organizer can be publicly broadcast and used in promotional purposes. Race organizer reserves the right to use, copy and distribute all video and photo content.


By registering for the race, each runner personally agrees: to participate in the race on the principle of personal liability; that he/she has read and understood the race regulations which he/she will follow; he/she is aware of all possible risks.

By registering for the race each participants confirms that he/she is familiar with the list of obligatory equipment which is important for his/her own safety and that by not having the obligatory equipment he/she exposes him/herself to possible dehydration, inability to treat injuries, inability to call for help, inability to assist injured participants, inability to contact the race organizer.

By registering for the race, each participant relieves the organizer, other participants or third parties of any responsibility. Each registered participant confirms that he/she is in an adequate physical and mental condition appropriate for this type of competition.

All race participants are required to have medical insurance.


In case of emergency during the race please contact the race organizer:

Nedeljko Vareškić +385 (0)91 2543419


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